Robert L. Vincent

Safety Officer - Construction Site Safety Officer

CONSTRUCTION SAFETY SITE SAFETY OFFICER - Become a Safety Officer. Safety Technology: Industry Proven. Based on NCCER Contren Safety Learning Series. : Safety Orientation, Field , Safety Technology, Management.

DeCall Thomas
3 x $1,500.00

Welding - Level 1 - 5 Week Course

It is 5 weeks long. Institute is able to bring the welder from knowing nothing to being a expert Level One Apprentice. Earning a Level One Certificate in Welding is the best start in getting you a new life long career.

Robert Vincent

Welding - Plasma Course

Robert Vincent

NateOvation Institute of OSHA Safety and Vocational Training: Welding School - Welding Level 1 and 2

Introduction to American Welding Society Level One and Level Certified Welding Program. Course Length is only 26 weeks. You work during the day at your present job, and go to school at night. In 26 weeks you will have a life long high paying career.

Robert Vincent


The 10 miniute video describes the Employee's and Employer's Rights and Responsibilities under OSHA Law. It must be shown to every new employee and the Rights and Responsiblities form must be signed by the employee upon hire.

Robert Vincent

OSHA - Employment On-boarding - Scatts Video - Spanish