1. This 10 hour OSHA Safety course is a ten hour course.  It has 9 mandatory classes and two electives. Authorized by Universisty of California San Diego OSHA OUTREACH EXTENTION and U.S. Department of Labor.
  2. Introduction to OSHA - REQUIRED
  3. Focus Four Hazards-     REQUIRED
  4. Falls                                  REQUIRED
  5. Electrocution                  REQUIRED
  6. Struck By                         REQUIRED
  7. Caught in between        REQUIRED
  8. Personal Protective Equipment - Required -      REQUIRED
  9. Health hazards in construction (HAZCOM) - Required
  10. Scaffolds - Elective
  11. Tools and Hand power- Elective
  12. Cranes - Elective

Safety Officer, OSHA Authorized Motivational Trainer

Robert Vincent

Hello!Welcome to NateOvation Institue of Vocational Training.  OSHA 10-30 and Beyond. We are located at 4280 W. Reno Ave Suite D, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.Phone: 1-702-772-9303 Email: NateOvation@gmail.com. My name is Robert L. Vincent.  I am the Safety Officer and Founder of Nateovation.com. I am  a retired General Contractor with over 30 years experience in Construction Project Management, Estimating, and work. So, I have a lot to say when I am teaching  class in OSHA 10 and OSHA 30.  We have over 70 classes we teach, Plenty of Class room space where I can admit 1 - 30 students at one time. In Addition, we offer every class in an ONLINE Blended learning experience. (Good). On top of that we have a new Welding Certification Program with approved American Welding Society (AWS) Course content. Plus we have over 7 instructors bringing the best in talent from the welding industry.The OSHA Courses are the foundation for the rest of the LMS. I have classes in  Welding Certifacation in the Steel Industry as well.  Please download and printout your student class card before proceeding.  As you go through each class you have to sign off on that Chapter or Module. After you have completed your courses then you can scan your class card and send it back signed.You can take a break at any time. After I review your work I will call you.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 3
    • electrical_safety 191 slides.pdf

    • electrical_safety_manual

    • electrical_safety_manual.pdf

  3. 4
    • struck_by_hazards 39 slides.pdf

  4. 5
    • fall_protection_c-24 slides.pdf

  5. 6
    • ppe_c 40 slides.pdf

  6. 7
    • GHS Handouts

    • Hazard_Communications_ 50 PPT_v-03-01-17 (1).pdf

  7. 8
    • stairways and ladders 31 slides.pdf

  8. 9
    • scaffolds_c 1 hour 34 SLIDES.pdf

  9. 10
    • Please Rate us on Google

    • Confined_Space_Entry- Supervisor 61 PAGES.pdf

  10. 11
    • power_tools_c 35 slides.pdf

  11. 12
    • trench_fnl_eng_web

    • Trenching (Video)

  12. 13
    • Welding Ship Welding

    • OSHA Welding 51 slides.pdf

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