Rebar - Concrete Reinforcing Training Program Institute of Safety and Vocational Training | taught by Greg Lyons

Course description

Iron worker  - Level 1 - Reinforcing Concrete  

So, do you want a career in steel? Earn good money as an IRON WORKER REINFORCING CONCRETE. Have a completely new life in 4 weeks.  You, will learn all about these 4 systems about what a Iron worker Reinforcing Concrete does. You get actual hands on experience as well as classroom theory.

  1.  Welding
  2. Rigging and Cranes
  3. Post Tension Reinforcing Systems
  4. Reinforcing Concrete
  5. Cutting - Reinforcing Bar with Chop Saw and / or Torch Cutting
Time: 4 Weeks

O'net / Soc Code: 47-2171.00 RAIS CODE: 0471

Reinforcing concrete

 History of reinforcing; manufacturing of reinforcing steel; reinforcing tools, ties and safety practices; structural forms associated with reinforcing steel; bridge and highway construction; placing reinforcing steel; bending, tagging, marking and fabricating reinforcing steel; unloading, handling and storing reinforcing steel; reading engineering and placing drawings; installing bar supports; placing reinforcing in footings; placing reinforcing in walls; placing reinforcing in columns; placing reinforcing in beams and girders; placing reinforcing in joists and slabs; highway and airport pavement; and bar splicing and mechanical couplers.
Greg Lyons
Greg Lyons
Rebar Instructor

Greg teaches Rebar installing.

  • 1999 He became a Rebar Foreman at Valley Placers Inc.for 2 years
  • 2001 He became the Superintendent at Valley Placers untill 2007.
  • 2008  He started his own rebar company, Triple 777 Steel Inc. Where he had over 60 employees and had about 2.5 Gross million in sales a year. He was President and Owner of Triple 777 untill 2012.
  • 2012-2014 He worked at Alpine Steel with Randy Bulloch.
  • 2015 - 2017 Hunt steel - Manager and Superintendent
  • 2017 - Present he now works at Steel Edge Inc. as a Project Manager and Superintendent.